We now provide Fire Suppression equipment including R107 approved systems.
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Elite Vehicle Supplies Ltd are an experienced and innovative team of transport specialists based in North Yorkshire, with coverage throughout the UK and worldwide.

With over a decade of experience within the UK transport industry, we offer products and services directly to operators and OEMs whilst working alongside regulatory bodies. We provide outstanding customer service, affordable products and innovative solutions to meet customer or regulatory transport needs.


Scott Forman

Commercial Director

Scott has over a decade of experience within the bus and coach industry, bringing innovative solutions to market. Over the past decade, Scott has worked closely with operators, OEMs and regulatory bodies, often in partnership to create bespoke products and services. Scott is our Commercial Director and please feel free to connect with him on Linkedin by clicking below.

Jayne Forman

Operations Director

Jayne is an experienced strategic and operational leader with over a decade of experience working for national organisations. Jayne is a highly efficient project manager, delivering innovative projects for local and national commissioners to an extremely high standard. Please click below to connect with Jayne via Linkedin.

Elite Vehicle Supplies

Driver Fatigue System

Elite has partnered with Datik and Fatigue Management International (FMI) to introduce an innovative and unique Driver Fatigue System into the U.K. bus and coach industry.

The partnership brings together scientifically researched fatigue methodologies and in-depth industry expertise, knowledge and experience in a robust and predictive risk monitoring solution for all operators, OEMs and regulatory bodies in the UK.

The innovative Fitdrive® solution is designed to protect drivers at the wheel through real-time awareness and early risk intervention. It uses technology installed on the vehicle to monitor the early signs of driver tiredness. When a driver’s fatigue risk increases above a safety threshold, a notification will be sent both to drivers and the operating centre enabling early and immediate intervention.

Our full solution is unique, effective and can be bespoke to operator requirements.

Supporting Transport for London’s Vision Zero as part of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, and contributing to reducing traffic accidents, is a key mission for Elite Vehicle Supplies and Fitdrive® is an effective instrument we have developed to achieve this aim.

For more detailed information or to discuss how we can support you to manage driver fatigue, please use the form below where you can provide your contact details and one of our team will be in touch.



Please fill out the form below and one of the team will be in touch, or alternatively feel free to contact us using the contact details below.