We now provide Fire Suppression equipment including R107 approved systems.

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems

Elite Vehicle Supplies Ltd provides Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for buses and coaches, suitable for all vehicles including electric and hydrogen. Our systems are approved to R107 standards.

The Elite Indirect Low Pressure Integrated High Throughput Bi-Directional Fire Suppression System is fully compliant with the new UNECE regulation R107.

It is designed for local applications within vehicle engine areas using ABC dry powder. In addition to the main engine compartment, the system can also be extended to cover adjacent battery/heater compartments.

The system uses linear heat detection tubing that can detect a fire, or a temperature above that of normal operation. The tubing offers detection along its entire length ensuring fast and accurate activation throughout the risk areas. In addition to the discharge nozzles, our system also uses patented “bi-directional” technology. This unique function provides the ability to protect small or concealed areas without the need for additional diffusers.

Using high quality ABC dry powder, the system is compatible with all potential fire classes including diesel, electrical, hybrid, hydrogen and CNG.

Why choose Elite as your fire suppression provider?

As an innovative company seeking to provide unique solutions for our clients, Elite Vehicle Supplies can also offer optional remote diagnostic monitoring on all vehicles fitted with our fire suppression systems.

Key features of remote monitoring


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