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Elite Vehicle Information System

Passenger & Driver Audio Warnings

Customer specified audible messages for drivers and passengers alike.

The EVIS is a distinctive and bespoke solution for providing clear and concise audible warning messages or status information to drivers and passengers alike. Each unit can broadcast specific audio clips through two separate speaker outputs – these are independent of each other to allow driver/passenger audio separation.

The system can be interfaced with the vehicle’s CAN-Bus and other Elite products such as the Fire Suppression System to provide warnings, status information and advisories, ensuring the safe running of the vehicle.


The system is fully programmable with customer specified recordable messages or sounds.

Two separate speaker outputs can deliver different messages for drivers and passengers.

The system fully integrates with the Elite Fire Suppression System and can be linked to the CAN-Bus interface.

The VIS built-in memory can log events such as fire suppression system deployment and low system pressure.

Fire Suppression System Integration

As part of the Elite Fire Suppression System, the EVIS acts as the control hub for each of the monitoring devices. The unit includes a specific feature to monitor the status of the system pressure, engine bay temperature and saloon smoke detector. In addition, the unit has a safety shutdown function in line with Transport for London requirements.

Bespoke Audio Option

The EVIS includes a number of input connections, which each activate the broadcasting of preprogrammed audio clips. An extensive range of spoken messages are already available, but custom messages or sounds can be requested.

This flexibility allows the EVIS to be used as either a warning system for driver alerts, or to provide informative feedback to passengers such as with a ‘Bus Stopping’ announcement. The EVIS can also be used to replace multiple buzzer and bell combinations with a single unit. The sound recordings are factory programmed. Any customer specified recording is embedded into the unit. A single CAN message or hard wired input can trigger the playback of any message in the library.

Key Features include

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