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Driver Fatigue System



Driver Fatigue has become an area of focus for UK bus operators and regulatory bodies such as Transport for London who are reviewing measures to tackle fatigue as part of measures to improve road safety. To support the industry, Elite has partnered with industry leading technology specialists to provide a Driver Fatigue system suitable for the UK bus and coach industry.

MagicEye® is a solution designed to protect drivers through real-time awareness and early risk intervention. It is a unique safety solution bringing together telematics, video analytics and AI to present a comprehensive approach to driver management specifically aimed at reducing the risk of fatigue and distraction related accidents.

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Video-telematics and AI working together to combat driver fatigue

DSM Camera and Driver Display

A Driver State Monitoring camera monitors driver behaviour at the wheel and the driver will be alerted in situations of fatigue and distraction giving them an opportunity to take necessary measures to reduce risk.
Early Fatigue
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Datik Computing Brain

The DCB connects to all components and controls all the processes and data. Every time an event is detected, video footage is sent to iPanel®.

With a dual CAN connection, the DCB can monitor driver’s behaviour and warn them to help them improve driving performance.

Compatible ADAS Camera

Key Features


24/7 Peace of Mind

We offer an independent 24/7 fatigue risk analysis to inform you only when is relevant for you. For example we can call you when we detect that a driver is fighting sleep.

We will make a fatigue plan with you with an agreed remediation process that follows an escalation in 3 stages.

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